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An (Un)Equal Experience

Updated: Feb 26

Summer camp at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries has come and gone. The slide has been put away and the cuppies have been put back on the shelf until next year. Campers often leave camp on a high, thinking about what a great experience they just had.

Camp often changes camper’s lives—sometimes a lot and sometimes a little. It doesn’t matter what type of camp it is; campers will come home changed. At camp they get to make independent decisions about what to eat and wear, who to hang out with, and how

to spend free time.

What’s more, after a week at camp this summer discovering the Holy Trinity—God the creator, Jesus our friend and redeemer, and the Holy Spirit who binds us together in love—campers will have new ideas and skills, new friends, and stories to share.

As we look back on the summer and keep that reinvigorated faith alive, ask them questions. Gather together with whoever is around and discuss these questions. Whether you attended camp or not, the Holy Trinity is still working in and through you. Find time to discuss this year’s theme as we look forward in the future to what the next year may bring.

Creator: Think about places you have recently gone with family and friends. How have you

experienced God the creator in those places? Where is the most sacred place for you?

Redeemer: What are some times this summer or fall that you have experienced Jesus’ love for you? Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” How have you felt connected to Jesus’ radical love since camp?

Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit empowers us to go share God’s love and message in the world. What are some ways that you have shown or shared that love as this school year has started?

Me: This summer, we learned about the baptism of Jesus. Share stories about baptisms you have witnessed. What happened? Did you experience God’s presence? If so, how?

We: Jesus rose from the grave and told his followers to “make disciples”. How can you share your faith with others? What other people have helped you in your faith and shared stories from their own life?

We give thanks for the great summer that we got to experience together at Carol Joy Holling Camp and Sullivan Hills Camp. We hope your faith was rejuvenated and that your body and soul were refreshed here. We look forward to seeing you next summer to continue to live in community together, grow in our faith as family, and have a fun-filled time as our faith comes alive!

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