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Camp’s Impact Reaches Far Beyond the Gate

It’s crazy to think one week that a kid comes to camp, can change their entire life for the better,” Peter Hansen, Sullivan Hills Camp Program Specialist shared.

Sullivan Hills Camp is a place that sparks a new way of living with God’s love for many campers and families.

“There are many kids who at the beginning of the week are shy to pray or hesitant to read aloud from the Bible,” Hansen continued. “It’s so great to see that by the end of the week, they are the ones that want to pray out loud and lead Bible study. The transformation every week is humbling; these kids get really excited about their faith.”

While programs and people are in place to make transformations like this possible, every camper brings home the lessons from their week in a different way. For some, it shows up as a simple act of kindness to a sibling. For other campers, it means they raise their hand to help at VBS or in the kitchen at church. For others still, it places on their hearts a call to minister in a professional capacity. Whatever the results, camp sparks a chain reaction amongst campers that makes the world a little brighter, a little more loving, and a little more hopeful.

“Through new challenges, incredible role models, good food, acceptance, and love, campers

come for a week of fun, and leave with their hearts open to the world in a different way.” Hansen said.

Registration for summer 2020 is open now. Simply click here. Tell a friend or two, and sign up together! There is a $50 deposit to hold your camper’s spot; that deposit will be returned after they attend camp.

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