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Family Co-Op

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Recess looks a lot different for our campers these days. We understand kids need to blow off steam, and fresh air is good for all of us. We’re big proponents of getting outside as much as possible and enjoying our time in God’s creation.

Co-Op is what we call our fun, teambuilding activities at camp. If you’re running out of ideas for outside play, here are some Co-Op activities your campers can do at home (or indoors, on a rainy day):

Frogger: (Materials: none)

Campers sit in a circle. While their eyes are closed, select a “frogger,” everyone else are “bugs.” Everyone opens their eyes; the frogger tries to catch the bugs by sticking out his/her tongue at them without being noticed by anyone. When they’re noticed a new round begins.

Change, Switch, Rotate: (Materials: none)

Break up into groups of 3 or 4 and form a line. As a line, they start moving in the defined area and pay attention to the following commands:

• Change – front person in line moves to the back of the line.

• Switch - everyone in line switches directions

• Rotate – front person to the back of the line, back person to the front of the line.

*For a smaller group adaption, change the directions to left, right, and spin.

Relay: (Materials: get creative)

Get creative with available items to create a relay course. Use sponges to carry water between buckets, cones to weave through, or hula hoops as lily pads to jump between. With multiple participants you can work together as a team to complete each element, guide one another blind folded, or race to beat the clock. The sky is the limit!

Pogo: (Materials: none)

Campers try to distinguish paths that can and cannot be pogoed.

Counselor: I can pogo from the picnic tables to, um, the mailbox. Counselor: I can pogo from the zipline to the, um, fishing dock. Camper: I can pogo from Tipi to Trailhead. Counselor: Nope. Try again. Camper: I can pogo from my house to the, um, Camp! Counselor: Indeed.

(The trick is to say “um” sometime between the two locations. Shhh! Don’t tell your camper(s)—let them see if they can figure it out for a little mental exercise!)

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