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Family Creative Arts

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

It’s fun to make a new creation from God’s beautiful handiwork. That’s why Creative Arts is part of the programming at camp. If your campers are looking for some new ideas, here are a few ways to be creative with nature:

Colorful Branches

Have branches in your yard? Let’s make use of them!

For this project you will need: tree branches or twigs (size is your choice), washable/tempera paint, paint brushes, water, paint shirt, and a paint safe surface.

Once you pick out your branches you can paint them however you like. Create patterns like stripes or polka dots, or make it a rainbow stick—whatever makes you happy! Once you have finished painting, lay your painted branches in a safe place for drying.

Once dry, add decorations! Using white glue, continue to decorating it with ribbon, pom poms, yarn, glitter, gems—whatever beautiful decorations you can find.

Tie a few branches together and hang in your room, start a collection and keep them in a vase, make a “new tree” out of all of your colorful branches by tying them together with a big ribbon.

Stained glass!

For this project you will need: 2 same sized sheets wax paper (suggested 8x11), pencil, scissors, different colored tissue paper, white glue or mod podge, brush.

Start by drawing a geometric design with your pencil on one piece of the wax paper.

Cut or tear your different colored tissue paper into small pieces (about 1/2in x 1/2in).

On one of your pieces of wax paper, paint a small amount of glue or mod podge inside your picture. Take a small piece of tissue paper and place it on the glue. Continue to do this until your design is completely full of color! Fill the rest of the space with a different color.

A few examples from our program team:

· Sarah drew a bird and filled my bird with pinks, reds and yellow. In the rest of the space she used blue like the sky.

· Bailey drew a cross and filled it with yellow, orange, and green. In the rest of the space she used purple and pink.

Once you are happy with how your picture looks, take your brush and paint the glue all over the pieces of tissue paper. Take your second piece of wax paper and place it directly on top of the first one. Leave to dry in a safe place.

After your stained glass is dry, you can use colorful tape to tape the edges shut, attach some yarn, ribbon, or string and hang on the wall or in a window just like stained glass!

Toilet paper roll bird feeders

Have too many empty toilet paper rolls? We know what you can do with them!

For this project you will need: empty toilet paper roll(s), peanut butter, string, and bird seed

To begin, put a long piece of string through the roll and tie the ends together.

Cover the roll in peanut butter. (This can get a little messy!)

Over a bowl or other container, use handfuls of bird seed sprinkle on the peanut butter. Pat down on the bird seed so it stays.

After the whole roll is covered and no more peanut butter is showing you are ready to hang it up. Find a tree, bush or other place outside to hand up your bird feeder!

Find time throughout the day to watch your birdfeeder and see what birds come and eat from it!

Take pictures and share with us the birds you are feeding!

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