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Family Creative Arts - Part Two

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Spending time as a family while you create has such meaning. We love creating art here at Sullivan Hills Camp because we feel it brings us closer to the One who created us. It becomes a form of worship and we can't wait for you to try these activities out with your family.

Pinch pots

What you’ll need:

- air-dry clay - brushes - permanent markers

- acrylic paints - matte or gloss finish spray

Project steps

  1. Using a small ball of air-dry clay, make a hole in the middle using your thumb and shape into a small pot or dish.

  2. After the clay has dried, which takes about 24 hours, you can lightly sand your pot to smooth out any rough or uneven spots.

  3. Using acrylic paints and/or permanent markers, decorate your pot however you want.

  4. Finish it off with a coat of matte or gloss spray. Allow to dry, and enjoy!

*Use as a jewelry dish, plant pot, or any way you’d like!

*If you’re looking to add extra detail to your project, consider using a toothpick to draw designs in your wet clay. You may also use items such as leaves, beads, stiff flowers, or feathers to create indentations in your wet clay.

Tissue paper painting

What you’ll need:

- Tissue paper squares - Spray bottle (or paintbrush) - Water

- Watercolor paper - White crayon (optional)

Project Steps

  1. Begin by drawing a design on your paper using the white crayon. This could be words, a pattern, or any picture you choose.

  2. Using a spray bottle filled with water or a paintbrush, pre-wet the surface of your paper.

  3. Lay your tissue paper squares all over the surface of your paper.

  4. Spray or paint some more water over all of the tissue paper.

  5. Once the paper has dried, remove the squares of tissue paper to reveal your watercolor and design.

*Colored tissue paper will stain hands and surfaces. Be sure to protect the surface you are working on!


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