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Our Summer Staff are SUPERpeople

Updated: Feb 26

For 10 weeks this past summer, 44 young leaders traded their backpacks, laptops, and busy class schedules, to become superheroes for 1,287 campers.

Some still carried backpacks, but they were filled with Bible study materials, a first-aid kit, stuffed animal, stickers, and at least one pair of extra socks. They traded their busy class schedules for days filled with hiking, horseback riding, worship, and s’mores.

And while many of those days were long and hot, they were as sweet as the sno kones!

“Being a member of the Summer Ministry Team is an incredible experience,” Hannah Donnell reflected. “You get to be part of a supportive community, make lifelong friendships, and have a positive impact on campers' lives. It's a chance to grow in your faith, learn leadership skills, and create unforgettable memories!”

For those of us outside of the Summer Ministry Team, it's incredible to see how these young adults live out their faith in ways that show everyone—campers and peers—that they belong and are unconditionally loved by God.

“The community was very inclusive,” Doug Schafer shared. “It just felt like a safe home.”

“Summer staff was a community where I felt I could be unapologetically myself,” Hailey Anderson agreed.

From silly songs to deep conversations about God, the faith growth that happens at camp, isn’t happening only in campers.

“I’ve always been unsure on my faith and was hoping that maybe I’d have some sort of epiphany while being at camp,” Hailey continued. “That didn’t happen, but I know I can’t expect it to become clear all at once. I did however, feel more comfort and satisfaction with not knowing. I focused more on reflection and ways to feel God’s presence in nature.”

“Before coming out to camp, I wasn’t really appreciating what I had and felt like God was far away,” McCartney Fitzgerald shared. “I learned to appreciate what I have and be more thankful this summer through God, and I felt like I got closer to God and nature.”

While sharing the Good News, they can’t help but be transformed themselves.

“I grew in my faith by learning, teaching, and experiencing God’s love and word at camp,” Zoe Hoffmeyer observed. “And it was pretty cool to see how the campers grew as well. Some of them hadn’t read the Bible or been to church much. Sharing their first Bible study sparked something in them and they didn’t want to stop ready or learning about His word.”

Hannah shared a similar experience: “My faith grew this summer as I witnessed a TrailHead camper's faith grow. He started off unsure and hesitant. However, by day two during First Word, Bible study, and worship, he began to ask questions. He requested a Bible and started to read stories at night to seek answers, and develop a relationship with God. Near the end of camp, the camper would request his favorite worship songs and offer to pray at each prayer pole. It was incredible to see faith growing and working in this camper’s life, and watching his curiosity motivate him.”

And, like campers, the summer staff aren’t leaving their faith at camp. They’re living it out as they head home, back to college, or into the workforce.

Working at camp is “out of this world,” Zoe explained. And at the same time, it’s of this world because “what we learn at camp we are encouraged to make part of our everyday lives as well.”

While they may have left their capes behind as they ventured back into the “real world,” these heroes will forever be incredible, faith-filled role models to this year’s campers.


The Summer Ministry Team is a powerful group of young leaders who are changing the world by working hard, talking faith, and caring for others. This super team provides leadership and care for campers at Carol Joy Holling Camp and Sullivan Hills Camp.


· A full-time, paid summer job

· All meals and on-site housing included

· Expanded network and community

· Making a real difference guiding youth and families at camp and beyond

Skills Obtained:

· Leadership

· Public speaking

· Interpersonal communication

· Facilitation

· Problem-solving

· Customer service

· Working within a team

· Initiative

· and more!

Positions available for Summer Ministry Team:

· Group Leader

o Can become certified in:

§ Lifeguard

§ Equestrian

§ Outdoor Education

§ Challenge Course Facilitation

· Healthcare Intern

· Marketing Intern

Summer Ministry Team members must be 18 years or older, or have completed Leadership Camp.

If you know someone who would make a great fit for this opportunity, please nominate them at

Applications can be found at Contact Bailey Neitzel, Summer Camp Director at or 402-944-2544 for more information or with any questions.

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