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The Impact of a Summer Working at Camp

Every summer, countless college students weigh the pros and cons of heading home to get a summer job or taking on a grander adventure: maybe travel, an internship or working at a summer camp. These young adults are aware of the limited times they have to make these choices. After all, most of them will eventually seek full-time, year-round employment and summers off won’t be an option.

They want to make an impact, they want to grow and they want to make memories. Every college student should have this type of summer and most can!

A summer working at Sullivan Hills Camp is full of opportunities. Each staff member will encounter hundreds of campers. Through their roles as counselors, high ropes and creative arts specialists, naturalists, wranglers and lifeguards, they will build relationships with each camper. They will live their faith boldly, showing these young campers what faith in action looks like. It’s fun, challenging and beautiful. The impact that the Summer Ministry Team has on the lives of campers is profound.

Each summer staff member will learn and practice leadership skills. This unique environment is where many students learn conflict resolution, crowd control, team building and servant leadership. These skills serve them throughout their lives: in their homes, jobs, communities and churches.

Life-long friendships are formed while working at camp. Camp friends are the type of people that one can be authentic and open with, sharing life’s joys and struggles for many years to come. All of those epic “that one time at camp” stories are born while working on the Summer Ministry Team.

Does this sound like an experience you should have? Or do you know someone who should be a Summer Ministry Team member?

The 2019 Summer Ministry Team is now forming. If you are interested in learning more, visit our Summer Ministry Team web page. We would love to talk with you!

A summer working at Sullivan Hills Camp is full of opportunities.

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