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6 Ways for You and Your Family to Give Back This Advent

Camp is all about community. No matter how long a camper or guest is with us, we live out faith in ways that show them they belong here, and even more, that they are unconditionally loved by God.

Celebrating Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas provide many opportunities for us to live out faith in our communities—the communities in which we live, worship, play, learn, and grow.

When others are struggling to make ends meet, fun, fellowship, and sometimes even faith take a back seat. Consider the impact you can make on a family’s well-being with one of these ideas.

From donating items at a food drive to sponsoring a camper, your contribution will make a difference. We’ve come up with some ideas to get you started:


Your local food bank will welcome your family’s offer to volunteer this busy season. Whether helping sort, pack, or serve, giving a couple hours of your time will help many people in our community that are experiencing food insecurity this holiday season.


If you’re a Thrivent member, each year you may have up to two opportunities to create your own community service project, funded by Thrivent. Thrivent Action Teams provide up to $250 for a fundraising, educational, or service activity. If you are interested in supporting NLOM through an Action Team, give us a call, and we can give you lots of ideas about how you might do this. Some examples others have helped with in the past include supplies for NLOM events, a camp service project, and campership fundraising.


Mark your calendars for November 29, Giving Tuesday. This nationwide movement unites us all in a day of generosity at the start of the busy holiday season.

At Sullivan Hills Camp, all are welcome. We want every child and family to have the opportunity to experience Faith: Alive! In places set apart, we live out faith in ways that show everyone they belong and are unconditionally loved by God no matter where they are in their struggles. Give generously on #GivingTuesday and provide this opportunity for a camper who wouldn’t otherwise be able to come to camp.


Sometimes in our struggle to do good, we feel like surely we can’t do anything big enough to make a difference. This year, leverage your circle of friends and co-workers to make a bigger impact. Host a friendsgiving either at the office potluck or at home. Get creative and skip the traditional Thanksgiving meal; serve wine and charcuterie or have a soup challenge instead. Whatever you decide, make it count by raising funds to support Sullivan Hills Camp or another local organization. And, don’t forget to check with your employer to see if they have a match program. Many businesses now match your donations—making your

gift go even further.


Use this time as an opportunity to talk with your children about the blessings your family has been given. Explain that many families are not able to do sports, dance, or summer camp. Talk about faith together and how your family lives that out. Camp is where many young people learn about God’s unconditional love for the first time, and for others it’s the first place where they feel free to share that love and discuss it with others without judgment. Share the impact that God’s love has on your lives. You can do this throughout Advent and anytime during the year.


You can grow our ministries by following @SullivanHills on Facebook. Share what you are most grateful for. Don’t forget to tag us! Share your message with others throughout Advent.

However you choose to give back this season, your spirit of generosity will make a big difference in the lives of others.

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