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Camp is FREE in 2019!

For several years, generous donors have been subsidizing Sullivan Hills Camp so that campers could come for just $50 per session. Now, thanks to an incredible gift from Bruce & Carol Bartling, Sullivan Hills Camp is FREE for all who want to attend.

Jason Gerdes, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Executive Director says, “Bruce and Carol are loyal supporters of Sullivan Hills and this gift is one of so many that they make with so much love and care for the campers that come to Sullivan Hills Camp.”

Bruce Bartling is originally from Lodgepole and grew up near Sullivan Hills. The Bartlings now live in DeWitt on Carol’s family farm. “We are so grateful for their willingness to help NLOM make camp accessible to any child who wants to attend,” Gerdes says.

When asked why this gift was so important to them, Bruce and

Carol said, “We trust in the promise of God’s love and free gift of grace. Out of gratitude to Him and for the Glory of God, we wish to share the free gifts of camp registration so that others may likewise be graced to learn of God’s love and salvation. We believe in Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries and Sullivan Hills’ mission. We want to support as many kids who wish to attend.”

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